Texas Governor Abbott SLAMS Social Media With Anti-Censorship Bill

While social media is undoubtedly one of the most profound tools that the human race has ever created, the greed of man has also undeniably affected the value of this communicational invention.

In our modern era, a vast majority of America’s social media traffic is routed through Twitter, Facebook, and other content-sharing applications that are all privately owned. This means that, just like a business that refuses to serve you without a shirt on, these corporations can pick and choose who is allowed to remain on the platform, and just what their reach is going to be.

More often than not, and especially as of late, these companies are erring on the side of liberalism and squashing any popular conservative content that they arbitrarily deem unfit.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is looking to put an end to that.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill that aims to stop social media companies from banning users or nixing posts based solely on political opinions — the latest salvo by Republicans, who claim that these tech giants are censoring conservative users.

The new law requires social media companies with more than 50 million monthly users to disclose their content moderation policies and institute an appeals process. It would also require such social media companies to remove illegal content within 48 hours.

Under the state legislation, users may sue the platforms to get their accounts reinstated, and the Texas attorney general would be able to file suits on behalf of users.

The maneuver could prove to be instrumental in the coming years, particularly as the 2022 and 2024 elections come into view, and conservative candidates find themselves at the mercy of these Silicon Valley villains.

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