Stormy Daniels Just Confessed Something That Will Blow Everything Wide Open….

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An adult film star expresses concerns about her impact on Americans and fears for her safety in the wake of recent events.

Stormy Daniels has been making headlines lately after receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from PornHub. In an interview with the New York Post, she expressed concern that her scandal with former President Donald Trump may have made life worse for Americans. While discussing the possibility of her scandal preventing Trump from becoming president again, she said, “It depends on who would get elected instead. It could be even worse. And then I’ve made the most terrible mistake.”

Daniels also spoke about her involvement in getting two vice squad police officers fired for wrongful arrest during one of her strip club performances in 2020. “I stood up to them to make sure they were held accountable,” she said. “I took the stand in New York and refused to let my career be used against me in my trial against [her former, now-jailed lawyer] Michael Avenatti where he tried to say that because I was a porn actress I was acting and so I’m not a credible witness.”

In a recent interview with Fox Nation, Daniels said she would testify against Trump if asked but does not believe he deserves to be incarcerated based on their case. She said, “I just finished an astonishing 90-minute interview with Stormy Daniels. Everyone’s had their say about her, now she tells HER story about the fling that may send President Trump to prison.”

Despite her fear for her life and receiving death threats, Daniels believes that testifying would legitimize her story and who she is. “I think having them call me in and put me on the stand legitimizes my story and who I am. And if they don’t, it almost feels like they’re hiding me.”

While Daniels does not believe Trump deserves to be imprisoned in the hush money case, she had thoughts on other cases against him. “I feel like the other things that he has done if he is found guilty. Absolutely.”

The threats against Daniels have intensified, and she is now in fear for her life. “This time it’s straight-up violent. You know, like, the first time it was like, gold digger, slut, whore, you know, liar, whatever. And this time it’s like – I’m going to murder you,” Daniels said in the interview with The Times of London. She believes that Trump is inciting violence and encouraging it, and she is frightened.


It is important to remember that she willingly engaged in an extramarital affair with a married man. She also received hush money to keep quiet about the affair. It is clear that Daniels is not a credible witness and is only looking to capitalize on her scandal with Trump. We should not give credence to her claims and should focus on the real issues facing our country.

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