Stimulus Update: Democrats Continue To STONEWALL Stimulus Checks For The American People!

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This previous Friday was the self-appointed deadline for a bill concerning a much-needed stimulus for the American people. The $600 unemployment benefit ended last week, as well as the SBA PP program. This continued assistance is vital to many of the Americans who’ve lost their jobs during this pandemic. After many meetings and discussions over the last few weeks with two different bills relating to the economic crisis, what did Congress have in store for desperate Americans who are in danger of losing everything to this pandemic? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer summed up all of the week’s negotiations to being “a disappointing meeting.” He added that the White House should “negotiate with Democrats and meet us in the middle. Don’t say it’s your way or no way.”

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin also commented, “Unfortunately we did not make any progress today.” Many Republicans added that Pelosi was overplaying her hand, and relying too much on budget maneuvers to curb costs. “I’ve told them ‘come back when you are ready to give us a higher number,’” Nancy Pelosi said in regards to the negotiations Thursday evening.

At the end of last Friday, many members of Congress begin leaving for the August recess, scheduled to return on September 7th. Mitch McConnell has stated that Congress isn’t “technically” in recess, and could be summoned back at any time. During this month’s “vacation” for Congress during this economic crisis, they can sort out a bill between themselves.

“If Democrats continue to hold this critical relief hostage I will act under my authority as president to get Americans the relief they need,” Trump stated Friday evening from his golf club in New Jersey. It seems that the relief many Americans desperately need will happen not because of Congress, but only by the choice of the White House.

Thank God we have an amazing president.

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