Socialist Loving Students Become Instant Capitalists After One Question

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So many of today’s college kids seem to truly want socialism and “all it’s glory” and a big part of the “why” is that their impression of capitalism and socialism is very skewed thanks to educators.

Those of us who grew up in the 1980s had the very notion of socialism as a tyrannical ideology based out of the Society Union, and understood, taught, how capitalism allows for growth and freedom. And those from my own generation, under the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, were somewhat taught that this crisis was the fault of capitalism.

It’s no surprise, then, that “getting a job” seems to be a wakeup call for today’s college grades. Once they have a real-working-world view of how society exists and functions, they suddenly start to warp up to capitalism.

As written for By Matt Palumbo:

As for convincing those who are still living in their Utopian college world, what better way to illustrate the pitfalls of socialism than by something all students have to suffer through?

Every student has been part of a group project at one point in their lives that’s included the one group member who simply doesn’t carry his weight. In socialist economics, that kind of freeloading is incentivizing. After all, if everyone will be equal economically in the end, what’s the point in putting in any effort?

Ask college students who are in favor of redistributing wealth of they’d instead be in favor of redistributing GPAs, and you can watch the gears in their heads begin to grind a bit…

WATCH: Socialist students turn into capitalists INSTANTLY when they’re asked ONE question


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