Sigh… Fidget Spinners Are NOT A Sign Of White Supremacy

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Fidget spinners are this years hottest toy trend. It’s a little top that spins in a child’s hand to distract from the harsh realities of the cruel, uncaring world around them.

Fidget spinners are the latest fad going around these days and they are HOT and CHEAP! (maybe depending on where you buy them). Originally designed for kids with ADHD and other such issues, they’ve become the IT thing for 2017 among the young.

And now some liberal, Rebecca Mead, at The New Yorker is calling them “the embodiment of Trump-era values”.

“The fidget spinner, it could be argued, is the perfect toy for the age of Trump,” Mead wrote. “Unlike the Tamagotchi, it does not encourage its owner to take anyone else’s feelings or needs into account. Rather, it enables and even encourages the setting of one’s own interests above everyone else’s. It induces solipsism, selfishness, and outright rudeness. It does not, as the Rubik’s Cube does, reward higher-level intellection.”

Further, Ian Bogost of The Atlantic wrote a bunch of bull about’em…

Normally, a top is a toy requiring collaboration with the material world. It requires a substrate on which to spin, be it the hard earth of ancient Iraq or the molded-plastic IKEA table in a modern flat. As a toy, the top grounds physics, like a lightning rod grounds electricity. And in this collaboration, the material world always wins. Eventually, the top falls, succumbing to gravity, laying prone on the dirt.

Not so, the fidget spinner. It is a toy for the hand alone—for the individual. Ours is not an era characterized by collaboration between humans and earth—or Earth, for that matter. Whether through libertarian self-reliance or autarchic writ, human effort is first seen as individual effort—especially in the West.

And now videos comparing the look, somehow, to that of the Swastika used by the Nazis during WWII. In the video some idiot “finished” the design to make it look like that.


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