SHOCKING Video: New York Is Digging Mass Graves To Hide Victims Of Coronavirus

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It has recently been discovered that massive trenches, such as ones you might see from old war photos, are being dug on New York City’s Hart Island to bury many of the unknown victims of coronavirus who have died in the hospitals of New York City over the past couple months.

While this is bizarre and disturbing the reality of the situation is a little different than what you might be thinking.

The truth of the matter is Hart Island has been a burial location for unclaimed bodies for over 150 years. In fact, it is estimated that around one million people have been buried on the island since the Civil War.

Very few people living in New York are even aware of the area that is home to the largest mass gravesite in the United States. The City of New York does everything they can to hide the island from public and trespassing is not tolerated by local authorities.

Located just a hop, skip, and jump from the Bronx, the island is currently a dumping ground for New Yorkers whose bodies have not been identified or claimed by family members. To add to the overall creepiness, the bodies are buried in the trenches by Riker’s Island inmates, who also construct makeshift coffins to mark the graves.

If that whole scene isn’t enough, the mass grave is also used to bury amputated body parts.

Some drone footage has recently been circulated of people wearing hazmat suits, burying the dead on Hert Island, giving the whole thing a very creepy vibe.

Normally there are only about 25 unclaimed bodies buried per week on the island, but that number has shot up since the coronavirus, Now, the average is about 24 a day.


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