She Was On The Beach When A Seal Attacked Her For All The Right Reasons…

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We all want to get in touch with nature. A close encounter is always a reminder of how beautiful and powerful nature is. But these encounters also come with a warning, especially to tourists, to not meddle too much with it.

When tourists get too keen, we tend to disturb nature’s “peace” or when we are not careful and mindful of our surroundings. This story is a great reminder to always be cautious of the place you’re visiting, especially when the nature around you could fight back.

A California woman was said to be badly shaken after bystanders helped pull her from the water after being attacked by this incredible water creature.

The seal, a 22-year-old known locally as Rocky, had earlier been heard frantically barking for her pup after losing sight of it, according to witnesses. After finding the baby seal, the mother lashed out at the nearest swimmer, which happened to be the unidentified woman. Wearing a swim cap, the woman could not hear the warnings yelled from the shore as the seal bore down on her, her husband later told the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.

The attack occurred at 8:30 a.m. on Oahu about 150 feet off Kaimana Beach where the department said two seals have been caring for their new offspring.

When Rocky gave birth, they knew the best thing to do was to protect where she often feeds or nurses her pup. The local government and other organizations have set up barriers in the water against humans and other regulations to protect them.

However, the schoolteacher was unaware of Rocky and her pup on the nearby shore where she and her husband were staying. She went beyond the roped area and had her swim cap on when she went underwater.

She didn’t hear or notice the people shouting at her and telling her to swim away. It was rather too late because when Rocky saw a human was nearby, she went into full attack mode and it was all to defend her baby!

The schoolteacher tried to swim away and screamed for help, but the mother seal kept pulling her underwater, and some witnesses said that she even bit her head at some point.

It was a very tense situation; luckily, a group of bystanders with a canoe went near her to block her off the seal. They took her to the shore, and they called 911.

According to the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, disturbing protected areas and animals would incur a heft fine. However, they did not recommend charges or any penalty for this incident. They also didn’t name the 60-year-old schoolteacher because she begged anonymity.

The elementary school teacher received lacerations to her face, back, and arm, according to reports.

Watch the video below for more details:

Sources: AWM, Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources

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