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She Gets A Nasty Note After Neighbors Saw Her Walking Through Her House Naked


This is a case of baby got backlash.

A body-confident mom was ‘shocked’ and ‘angry’ when she received a ‘bum note’ under her car windscreen wiper warning her to shut her blinds as her neighbor says their kids ‘don’t want to see your ass out’.

Alex Taylor found the note from the disgruntled neighbor when she went to her car at 8.30 am on July 5, after being spotted in her underwear in the window of her Chelmsford, Essex, home on Saturday night.

Taylor denied ever walking about nude with the windows open but said that around 10.30 p.m. the night before, she did lock the door and switch off the lights while wearing a t-shirt over a pair of French panties.

The note told Taylor that they no longer wanted to see the blonde bombshell galivanting around her own home in her underwear. Instead of the note achieving its desired effect, Taylor said it only made her want to walk around her home in her underwear more. She’s not keen on appeasing the random stranger who wrote her a note and left it in her car.

Here’s what the note reads:

“It would be much appreciated if you could unleast [sic] shut your blinds when walking naked! Around your house… my kids do not and would not want to see your ass out on the [sic] show. Much appreciated, your neibours [sic].”

Taylor could not believe the message. It took her by complete surprise.

The mother-of-two said:

“It’s the most bizarre thing that’s ever happened to me. I can’t get my head around it. I wasn’t walking around naked. I was wearing a t-shirt and French knickers – they covered a lot of my bum. To be honest, they’re lucky because normally, I walk around in a lot less than that. I just went round as I normally do, locking up and turning all the lights off. They’re lucky they caught me quite covered up on this occasion,’ she added. I’m very comfortable in my own skin. I have no problem with the way I look.

“I’m not too sure what their upbringing is to think that that’s an issue, but also to think it’s ok to look in someone else’s home and tell me how to dress. At first, I was really shocked, and then I was so angry about it. I was so livid that someone had the audacity, who is supposed to be my neighbor, to go out of their way and leave a note on my windscreen rather than just knocking on the door and confronting me about it.

“The fact they had to leave a note on my car rather than confront me face to face shows they weren’t very confident in their argument. Maybe they’re just not confrontational, but for me, if I’ve got a problem, I’ll quite happily say it to someone’s face.”

A few people unsurprisingly slammed Taylor, and of course, she hit back. “Now, I feel even more validated by the girls that have shown their support. Some of the comments have cracked me up,” Taylor said.

She then responded to critics, sharing her plans to double down the nightmare derriere. “It’s my house; it’s my rules. It absolutely will not stop me walking around in my own home in underwear and a T-shirt.”

Source: AWM

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