Reporters Slammed For Failing To Ask Joe Biden The Hard Questions

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For the first time since Tony Bobulinki’s interview with Tucker Carlson detailing the secret meeting with the Bidens, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden finally faced reporters. During the interview, the retired lieutenant in the United States Navy spoke about concerns he raised with the Bidens about Joe Biden’s alleged ties to a possible business venture with a Chinese energy firm.

But once again the media appeared to take it easy on the former vice president and avoided questioning him about it.

Just 24 hours after the bombshell interview reporters ignored the allegations and instead focused on asking Biden about the ongoing looting and civil unrest in Philidelphia and the Affordable Care Act before his handlers hurried him away to his getaway car.

Trump 2020 campaign spokesperson Erin Perrine spoke about the encounter on “Outnumbered Overtime.”

“What we saw there was another failure by the news media to ask Joe Biden about Hunter Biden and whether or not he will admit that he lied to the American people about his son’s foreign business dealing,” said Perrine.

“This is a story the media refuses to cover, even when they have the candidate there, taking questions, which he so rarely does,” she said. “‘Would you answer the question?’ They didn’t ask that… and that should worry the American people.”

Social media and news outlets have blocked coverage of Bobulinski’s shocking allegations.

For 16 hours after the damning interview CNN, MSNBC, ET, and others completely ignored Bobulinski’s comments on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Even The New York Times and the Washington Post skipped over the claims in Wednesday’s paper.

The media has been criticized in the past for their choice of questions when Biden is available. President Trump mocked the media for asking the former vice president what flavor ice cream he got during a visit to a parlor instead of asking him the hard questions about his son Hunter Biden’s controversy.

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