Report Shows Tech Company Lied To Americans To Appease China

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This is becoming more and more common as American companies expand out to China. China had a huge market that American companies have been drooling over. But China and American are vastly different when it comes to labor laws and genocide. In fact, Biden has made a law that is supposed to stop American companies from buying parts from the labor camps in China. But the microchip maker Intel just showed us where their allegiances lie when China got upset over their choice to stop getting parts from these labor camps.

Intel Corp. removed references to the Chinese region of Xinjiang from an open letter it sent suppliers last month after the contents of the note sparked a social media uproar in China and led the U.S. semiconductor company to apologize to the Chinese public.

In mid-December, Intel published a letter to its global suppliers on its website, calling on its business partners to avoid sourcing from the northwestern Chinese region, where the Chinese government has conducted a campaign of forcible assimilation against ethnic Muslim minorities.

Within days, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company was denounced by Chinese social-media users and state-run media for cutting business dealings with the region, while one of its China brand ambassadors pulled out in protest. The chipmaker apologized on Dec. 23 on its Chinese social-media accounts, adding that the letter was written to comply with U.S. law and didn’t represent its position on Xinjiang.

Researchers say Xinjiang authorities have detained as many as a million members of ethnic minorities in a network of internment camps as part of the government’s ethnic-assimilation campaign. The campaign, which the U.S. government and some lawmakers from other Western countries have called a form of genocide, includes mass surveillance, forced labor, and stringent birth controls.

On Dec. 23, President Biden signed into law the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which restricts all imports from Xinjiang into the U.S. unless there is proof the products haven’t been made with forced labor.

China is Intel’s largest market by revenue, totaling $20 billion in the year ending Dec. 26, 2020, or about 26% of its annual total, its most recent annual report showed.”

It looks like Intel is choosing money over allegiance to our country and laws. We need to cut ties with companies like this. There is still AMD and plenty of other choices that don’t profit off of genocide and will abide by our laws.


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