More CNN Footage Released of Fake Staged News

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CNN was accused of staging a Muslim-led protest after the London terror attacks.

And now, A video was posted to Youtube which shows CNN representatives fluttering around the scene and literally placing people “in their spot” just prior to CNN’s on-air shot.

“I was there just before,” she explains, “and you see, again, this is the group of women and the little boy–they’re just getting their posters now.”

Claire Jordan crosses the street to show Muslim women, who were featured in the broadcast, on the opposite side of the street, stating “they’re taking selfies, none of them have got flowers”.

As we previously reported, A video was released the day after the London Bridge terror attacks which actually shows the crew of CNN staging a scene with Muslims holding signs saying “ISIS WILL LOSE”

Becky Anderson’s video was posted to her official Twitter account and there she states that the London terrorists are a “handful of twisted fools hell-bent on taking lives”.


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