Producers Had To Break Up A Cat Fight After McCain Got DESTROYED On ‘The View’

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The View co-hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar can’t seem to get along long enough to make it through an episode and now their latest on-air blowup is forcing ABC to intervene and demand the ladies lay off on the personal attacks.

Earlier this week, a particularly heated exchange between McCain and Behar over anti-Semitism. Reports say the station was flooded with demands to fire Meghan for her outburst and vicious attacks on Joy.

The dispute prompted ABC News President Kim Godwin to call a meeting at the very last minute calling on the show’s talent and producers to improve the vibe behind the scenes.

Godwin, who only just stepped into the role of president earlier this month, warned everyone that these jabs between co-hosts were getting too personal on-air. She said the audience can pick up on the toxicity and that’s not the direction she wants for the show.

McCain, however, was not pleased with the context of the meeting and it’s reported she stormed away before it was over with because she felt she was being “attacked.”

This incident follows “The Talk” killing the show after firing Sharon Osbourne for her very personal attacks during an on-air fight with Sheryl Underwood.

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