President Trump’s Veto Of Huge Defense Bill Gets Overturned

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President Trump has had a lot of great accomplishments during his first term but it appears as though the better days may be behind him.

In this lame-duck session, as we wait for Trump’s legal team to pull their next big plan out of their sleeve to overturn the results of the 2020 election, the president is shedding support among congressional Republicans at an alarming rate.

On Monday Trump received another devastating blow at the hands of a bipartisan group of lawmakers. 

The House voted on Monday to overturn President Trump’s veto of the gargantuan annual defense authorization bill.

The vote, 322-87, was a highly unusual response to a highly unusual move by a president in rejecting the legislation, which sets policies and establishes other priorities every year for the military services.

The Senate’s next moves on the matter are still uncertain, but senators were set to return to Washington on Tuesday.

The political popularity of the military typically means the National Defense Authorization Act has a high likelihood of passage and becomes one of the last vehicles of the year for compromise and enactment.

Trump, however, opposes aspects of the bill that would rename military bases named for Confederate figures, and he also was angry that Democrats in Congress didn’t agree to a bargain in which they’d lift some legal protections for tech companies.

Congress’s support of Trump could become a crucial part of his unusual reelection strategy, as the certification of the electoral college’s cast votes will soon mark his last chance to earn four more years.

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