President Trump Blames Governor's Incompetence For Coronavirus Deaths And High Crime Rates

President Trump spoke with FOX Business' Stuart Varney about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's response to the coronavirus pandemic and called him "incompetent" and pointed out that crime in certain parts of the state has gone through the roof in recent months.

Trump criticized the Empire State's governor for how he handled the COVID-19 outbreak saying New York "has been the worst in the whole country" with 40,000 deaths.

“New York has done very badly,” Trump told Varney during the interview. “He’s done a bad job, really bad job, Cuomo. Then he writes books like he’s supposed to be doing a good job.”

The president also called Cuomo out for how he handled coronavirus in nursing homes saying, "What he's done with the nursing homes, it's so sad to see. At least 11,000 people dead that shouldn't be."

President Trump said, "I have him a ship, and I gave him a convention center- 2,800 beds, and he never used it," and called the governor "incompetent."

"He didn't know what he was doing," Trump added.

The senior advisor to Cuomo, Rich Azzopardi, responded to the president's comments saying, "Give me a break."

"More than 216,000 Americans died because of the federal government's incompetent and bumbling pandemic response and -- Trump knew the whole time how deadly it was and never raised the alarm," Azzopardi said. "Instead he told the American people to drink bleach and then went golfing - a lot."

"The Governor works hard every day to protect New Yorkers and cut everyone's taxes while Trump raised them with his SALT cap," he added, "not that he'd know since he doesn't pay them anyway."

Trump went on to blame the "radical left" for crime rates that have "gone through the roof" in certain parts of the country, like New York.

“I think his political career has to be finished,” Trump said. “Because you can’t have numbers that he’s putting up where certain types of crime are up 250% and, you know, he’s helped along by the mayor, in all fairness, but the mayor, I guess he’s going to go onto greener pastures pretty soon.”

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