Pelosi’s Pedophile Connection Blown Wide Open …

Government Corruption

Syndicated Via National File| PATRICK HOWLEY|

ICYMI| Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi personally rents office space to a child welfare group, First 5 San Mateo County, that was set up by a convicted pedophile. The group partners with a nonprofit that ran a group house where child molestation occurred and partners with a conflict resolution center that had a volunteer convicted for storing hundreds of images of child porn. NATIONAL FILE has exclusively obtained the lease documents showing that Nancy Pelosi is the group’s landlady dating back to 2002, the same year monstrous pedophile Dr. William Ayres was given an award by city politicians for his work with the group. By that time, numerous pedophilia allegations including a police report had been made against Ayres, who was later convicted on pedophilia charges in 2007 and died in prison.

First 5 is a statewide supposed child welfare group in California that was previously chaired on a state level by Rob Reiner, and is funded with cigarette tax money. California is in the middle of a massive crisis involving child sex trafficking allegations and pedophilia arrests in the Child Protective Services (CPS)/foster care system. In fact, California does not even send out an Amber alert for missing foster care children, instead counting them all as runaways. San Mateo County, where pedophile Ayres set up the local First 5 chapter that calls Pelosi landlady, is arguably the center of the child sex trafficking crisis in California. Nancy Pelosi spends a lot of time in San Mateo due to her friendship with San Mateo lawyer and Democrat fundraiser Joe Cotchett. Cotchett, who is picking federal judges for the Biden administration, and was accused by his ex-wife in his divorce case of physically assaulting his children and being nude around his daughters. A partner in Cotchett’s law firm protects judges from her perch on the Commission on Judicial Performance.

Our source explained, “Pedophile Dr. William Ayres served with former San Mateo County District Attorney Jim Fox and former San Mateo County Supervisor Richard Gordon on the San Mateo County Children and Families First Commission (now called the First 5) in the early 2000s. Ayres designed the group in San Mateo. Rich Gordon was instrumental in having Ayres employed by the commission and honoring him with the lifetime achievement award. After his time on the board of supervisors in San Mateo, Democrat Rich Gordon became an assemblyman in Sacramento. There were red flags about Ayres for decades. I believe that First 5 knew because there is a broad representation on the commission.”

Pedophile Dr. William Ayres worked for the San Mateo Children and Families First Commission (which later became San Mateo County First 5) beginning in 1999. A source told NATIONAL FILE that Ayres designed and set up the First 5 chapter in San Mateo, and that for years thereafter he was involved as an informal adviser. “Ayres set up the program, and Ayres was always in the background of San Mateo First 5. Ayres always had the power in First 5,” our source said, until Ayres’ arrest in 2007. Elected official Rich Gordon, who brought Ayres into the fold to set up San Mateo First 5, served on the commission of San Mateo First 5 for years as a commission member and led meetings that were housed in the office space Nancy Pelosi rented to the group.

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Minutes from their January 15, 2002 meeting shows that they passed a resolution to honor Ayres in part for his work on the Children and Families First Commission. The Minutes state: “Resolution (1945) honoring William H. Ayres, M.D. for his lifetime of achievement in the field of Psychiatry, service on the Children and Families First Commission, and for his tireless effort to improve the lives of children and adolescents (Supervisor Rich Gordon).” Ayres’ work for the Children and Families First Commission was mentioned in the press when he was arrested on 14 felony child molestation counts in 2007.

Nancy Pelosi Is First 5 San Mateo County’s Landlady, dating back to when the group was called the San Mateo County Children and Families First Commission and Ayres was still at large terrorizing children.

Borel Real Estate appears on Nancy Pelosi’s 2018 congressional financial disclosure, the most recent disclosure available on OpenSecrets. Pelosi lists an ownership stake in Borel Real Estate Company to the tune of between $500,001 and $1 million. NATIONAL FILE has obtained the multiple lease agreements that Nancy Pelosi’s Borel Real Estate company has entered into it with its tenant, the San Mateo County Children and Families First Commission (now known as San Mateo First 5).

A San Mateo County Commission resolution authorized Borel’s lease, stating, “Resolution (065601) authorizing: 1)A lease agreement with the Borel Estate Company located at 1700 South El Camino, Suite 405, San Mateo area for the operation of the Children and Families First Commission for the term of October 8, 2002 through October 31, 2007, in the amount of $3710, monthly”

The Board of Supervisors gave Ayres an award in 2002 after authorizing it in December 2001.

NATIONAL FILE has obtained an official copy of the Second Amended lease agreement, showing that the leasing arrangement began in 2002

First 5 San Mateo County meetings have been held in the space Pelosi leases to the group, and meetings included Richard Gordon, the assemblyman who honored Ayres.


52 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Pedophile Connection Blown Wide Open …

    1. Subject: how to make an LGBTP the P is for pedophilep. This is the highest form of sex. This is having a baby.
      they even get gitty when they talk about their first kid, like a new parent.
      I can still remember the horses in the barn near the house.
      My parents owned a small farm.  We grew broad leaf tobacco and some vegetables.

      My name is Ed and I was molested at the age of five or six years old.
      I screamed because the pain was so bad! I left my body.The pedophile was
      supposed to be my  teacher. My mother did not know he  was a pedophile.
       She did not know that this happend every time he came
       to see me. I could not read nor write because it reminded me of the Activity. 

      When I said no! He would blackmail me by saying that he would tell my 
      mother of what I was doing. He would pull up in his Corvette and pick me up
       for sex. Now I had two lives. One as a little boy and one as a sex object for a
       LGBTP teacher. This is what your kids are in for. They never stop going 

      after you and you start thinking its ok.  You get presents like I was a 6 
      or 7 year old whore who does it for money. I LET HIM DO ME FOR A Bike.  
      By then I got all FFFFFs in school and I coulld not read or write. I hated 
      everybody and everything. If I could get in a fight, I would get in a fight.
      I hated myself because there was no way to get out of this except kill myself. 
      Now the pedophile owned me.
      I met some gay people.  Nice to hang out sometimes. But the more I learned
      about them, the more I hated myself. I had to live in two worlds. I had to live  
      two Lifes. One, I was a person, two, I was some one who couldn’t 

      read or write. The dumbest kid in class.  I started to learn how to talk real 

      good because that’s the only power I had. 


    1. Fancy nancy, the commie skank, just oozes evil out of every pore; have you never noticed how “dead” her eyes are?  It’s because she sold her soul to the devil decades ago.

  1. I’ve called her a skank before and I’ll do it again. How does one sleep at night with all those skeletons in the closet. Oh, vodka and big pharma. You go nancy.


  2. I told you many times these Democrats are Corrupt and in the Deep State too and you need to Read all of this and file in away for Later and many people are involved in this too and this is the Leader of the Democrats Party too What

    1. In the last few years l have seen evil to BABIES and reverts back to our corrupt GOVERNMENT that is INVOLVED! Shocked from hell! I will not respect this GOVERNMENT because they are all PEDOPHILES! I’m a survivor and will not stop fighting for their innocence

    1. I am sure they were in on it but old joe dementia bragged on camera before the sham election that he had the most complete and effective vote FRAUD system ever devised but nothing will be done because the deep state gop establishment TRAITORS wanted President Trump ousted before he could expose their corruption!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Susan, I agree.  All nutty nan cares about is how much personal wealth and power she can amass!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Its those who open their mouths the loudest rob reiner, pelosi, di nerio  newsome, blasio, cuomo,   hunter biden, hillary, and all the rest who  talk the denials  who are knee deep in  pizza gate, pedo behavior and  try to sway the subject  I wiish Trump would have outed all the payouts on the  sexual  scandles  by congress and the house  and all oter goverment agencie  the folks would start opening their eyes to the perverts, in  our goverment. They run rampant, and get away with it.  Drug and pedo and trafficking is their real game of $$$$$.

  4. I knew these people had to be guilty of what they are protecting.  I still think they must be profiting big time by the drug cartells and sex trafficing at the border or they would be appauled by what is coming over the border.  The mob is ruling our government and by theft.  

  5. And Camel Harris never prosecuted a pedophile or slave owner, and not even a child tortured to death was enough to move her. Most were black, and she hates blacks. After all, they’re her constuency, as they are pelosi’s.


  6. Those who do not see, do NOT have their eyes open. How long before we bring these people to task for their heinous crimes? 

  7. How much do you want to bet . . . that NONE of this makes the mainstreet press ?    Let alone gets investigated to the point of judicial action against Pelosi . . . don’t hold your breath !!

    1. YES, NANCY PELOSI Should Be in PRISON For Many Years before this Was Known & Now that it is Known by ALL !!!!!!  It Should be Enough 2 Keep HER in PRISON for the Remainder of HER LIFE !!!!!! NO GETTEING OUT PRIOR 2 DEATH!!!!!!!!! 

  8. All you people who have voted to keep this witch in power are going to have to answer for your sins.  Judgement is coming for every human being.

      1. How about G*d convicting every one of them and they in turn repenting and turning to G*d? Deny Satan of his victory.

        1. And we who have suffered at their corrupt hands are screwed again !!! And I imagine that could very well happen, but they lived the good life, cheating , stealing , murdering and whatever else while they made sure most of us starved or worked our fingers to the bone to never garner any of lifes pleasures or happiness !!

  9. Part of their MO. Obama let 10,000 children to the wolves, Like the Children Crusade. Most if not all sold into slavery, Hillary ran it out of the State Department. Remember she said, if she was charged, she would destroy D:C. Barney Frank ran Men Boy Love

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  11. Headline is an attention getter, the details of the report only leaves  pauseable deniability that Nancy had any hands-on invovlement with any of it. Would be terrific if it had information stating her direct involvement/konwledge of the workings taking place, don’t see her even being question.

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  22. Just proves she is a typical Democrap. They all seem to love sexually assaulting children even family members(Hunter’s drug fueled romp with his underage female relative). This is why the DOJ MUST be forced to publish Epstein’s Customer records unredacted. It should be mandatory for all members of the Media to make it known to all. This would expose all the PEDOPHILE Democraps and make the MORON MEDIA actually report the FACTS instead of the things they make up. 

  23. I can hear the old corrupt bitches words right now. I am doing it for the children. It’s more like I’m doing it to the children. You can dress an old pig up, put on some lip stick, give a bath and put on some kind of $1000 perfume, but it’s still a fucking ? ? ? ? ?.  Ronald Reagan rest his soul knew all to well how crooked the old smelly, alcoholic bitch is. I know that the old bitch will stand in front of the judgement throne someday. Off with her head!

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