Pelosi Eats Ice Cream In Her Mansion While Americans Are Starving

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The Trump campaign just released a very powerful and eye-opening ad and it is probably the best one ever made.

The best part is that it targets Nancy Pelosi and her luxurious lifestyle and how she flaunts it while millions of Americans are starving because they have lost their jobs and can’t get the help they need because she keeps blocking the stimulus package.

The ad from the Trump campaign highlights Pelosi’s $24,000 refrigerators that are packed to the brim with expensive ice cream, I’m not talking about the Blue Bell from your local grocery store. The kind of ice cream the Ice Queen keeps in her mansion runs about $95 a gallon. Meanwhile, thousands of Americans are struggling to keep food on the table.

Here is the epic ad from the Trump campaign:

At the end of the video, Trump gives Pelosi a fitting new nickname: Nancy Antoinette and a perfect quip, “Let them eat ice cream.”

Pelosi is seen as an enemy of the American people during this time because she has been doing everything in her power to prevent small businesses from surviving long enough to get through the pandemic.

The Daily Wire reported,

As thousands of people across the country stand in line for hours at food banks just to survive — and as 22 million Americans have lost their jobs in the last month — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) showed off her very expensive refrigerator stuffed full of some very expensive gourmet ice cream.

Pelosi appeared Monday on an episode of “The Late Late Show” with James Corden from her Napa Valley mansion. Asked by the host to “share something from her home,” Pelosi walked over to two massive built-in refrigerators and slid open a freezer drawer.

She later took to Twitter to post the clip, writing: “We all have found our ways to keep our spirits up during these trying times. Mine just happens to fill up my freezer.”

Her atrocities are starting to add up and it won’t be long before she slips up and is removed from Congress. I personally look forward to that day.

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