Patients Left Disfigured After Florida Woman Posing As A Doctor Performs Surgery

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A woman in Florida has been arrested for impersonating a licensed plastic surgeon after a man claimed his face was disfigured from a nose surgery she performed on him.

Police busted into the office of 56-year-old Alcalira Jimenez De Rodriguez while she was in the middle of performing another procedure on a different patient. She was swiftly arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a licence.

The Doral Police Department said it was contacted in mid-February by Vincenzo Zurlo, who had undergone rhinoplasty surgery at a surgical center in Doral on Feb. 15, 2020, according to WTVJ.

Zurlo told officers he was awake while Jimenez De Rodriguez performed the surgery at Millennium Antiaging & Surgery Center in Doral, WPLG reported. Zurlo said he returned for a second nose job on May 30, 2020, and paid $800 for another rhinoplasty surgery with Jimenez. He was awake again during the procedure, the television station reported.

“Throughout the following months of recovery, the victim realized his nose was not healing properly and appeared deformed,” the Doral Police Department wrote in its arrest report.

Police later had an undercover agent meet with Jimenez De Rodriguez for a consultation about a medical procedure, WTVJ reported.

“She cannot do my nose right, she prescribed me the medication from another doctor, she cannot find a solution to my pain so something is wrong, something has to be wrong,” Zurlo told the television station. “She was the one that with that surgery that day, she ruined my life.”

It wasn’t until after the $2,000 procedure that left his nose disfigured that Zurlo learned Jimenez De Rodriguez was not licensed to practice medicine, much less perform surgery.

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