Outrage When Americans See What’s in the Position of Primacy as White House Prepares for Flag Day

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President Joe Biden’s White House featured the homosexual “pride” flag prominently on the building’s facade on Saturday.

“America is a nation of pride,” Biden said of his administration’s celebration of LGBT “pride month” in a tweet featuring the flag.

Many Americans were saddened and angered by Biden’s decision to feature the LGBT flag on the White House — days before the patriotic holiday of Flag Day, no less.


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Biden chose to recognize National Flag Week with a written statement on the White House’s website.

The American flag itself was placed in a flanking position to the LGBT flag in the outdoor display.

Is this arrangement of flags allowed by the U.S. Flag Code?

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No: 100% (9 Votes)

Some Twitter users even described the placement as a violation of the U.S. flag code — a law regulating the display of the American flag on government and military installations.

The flag code does apply to the use of the flag when mounted on a staff, rather than hung from a building.


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The code requires the flag to be displayed most prominently, forbidding the placement of another flag in a superior position to the American flag.

Biden described the attendees of the White House’s LGBT “pride” event as the most courageous group he’d seen in the “recent past –” declining to mention American veterans of the Global War on Terror, Ukrainian soldiers, or 9/11 first responders.

Biden also criticized laws passed by Republican-governed states barring the use of supposed gender transitions on children during the event.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.



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