One State Just Passed A Near Total Abortion Ban…

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On Saturday, the Indiana State Senate passed a bill that bans nearly all abortions, the first such ban to be advanced after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

The chamber narrowly passed the ban with a minimum of 26-20 votes in favor of the bill in a rare weekend session, sending the measure to the House.

The bill, if passed in the legislature and signed into law, would prohibit abortions from the time a fertilized egg implants in a uterus, according to the Associated Press.

We would like to highlight these exceptions because MOST pro-abortion activists somehow twist the facts, the bill does make exceptions for rape, incest, and life-threatening pregnancies, these types of abortions account for less than 1% of all infanticide procedures.

Indiana is one of the first Republican-controlled states to debate tighter abortion laws since the U.S. Supreme Court last month overturned the precedent establishing a national right to an abortion. But the GOP splintered after the rape and incest exceptions remained in the bill, and 10 Republican senators voted against the legislation.

More details of this report from ‘ 100 Percent Fedup’:

The bill’s author, State Senator Sue Glick admitted that she was among the Republican Senators who were not completely satisfied with the final bill.

Fellow Republican Senator Mike Young was against allowing exceptions for rape and incest as “exceptions equal death for unborn innocent children.”

Meanwhile, 10 RINO Senators joined 10 Democrat colleagues in voting against the bill,  with both groups citing ridiculous reasons such as not enough women being represented in the Senate to make such a decision.

Still, the bill passed through the Senate and represents a major step forward in the fight for life, and for the rights of the most trampled upon group in the United States–the unborn.

If the bill makes it through the state’s House and is signed by their Republican Governor, Eric Holcomb, Indiana will have among the most pro-life abortion laws in the nation.

State Senator Sue Glick, who authored the bill in the Senate, praised its passage Saturday.

“The passage of Senate Bill 1 is a huge step forward in protecting the life of the unborn children in our state. We have put together a bill that would not criminalize women and would protect the unborn whose voices have been silenced for the past 50 years under Roe v Wade. Now, we understand this may not be the final version of the bill, and we are only through the first half of its long journey to becoming law, but we have put together a pro-life framework that, in my opinion, is fair and just.”

Sources: 100percentfedup, Associated Press

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