Oh Boy….A Robot Dog Took Aim With A Machine Gun And Lit The Range Up! [VIDEO]

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This week, a robot with a sub-machine gun attached to its back shows what a dystopian future may look like.

The now-viral video clip was shared on Twitter Friday, the clip shows the robot in the video firing shots at targets fixed a few meters away.

Twitter was abuzz with apprehension that a real-life Black Mirror might not be a distant possibility anymore when a video showed a Boston Dynamics-style robot firing a submachine gun at its targets on snowy terrain.

This type of robot dog (it doesn’t seem like the robot in the video is a Boston Dynamics Spot, just looks a lot like it) is famous for dancing but now appears to have fulfilled every warning given by journalists and analysts. It’s got a gun and it’s ready to kill.

Although, similar versions of robot dogs have already been put into action by municipalities across the United States, however, none of them were equipped with anything close to automatic weapons.

According to reports, the gun mounted on the dog is Russian – the PP-19 Vityaz, a submachine gun based on the AK-74 design.

No way else to put it – this is straight nightmare fuel. And several Twitter users agreed, with an overwhelming number voicing their concerns after viewing the video. Both sides seem to be in agreement – “this needs to be illegal as of yesterday,” many opined.

Those funny-looking robodogs – not so cute anymore, eh?

Twitter user sonicmega (Sean Chiplock) was the first to share the video online.

“All the people who laughed off the “worrywarts” years ago for freaking out about the Funny Dancing Robot Dogs ™ should be forced to watch this video once a day for the remainder of the year.”

Watch the video below:

The Gateway Pundit pointed out:

It’s also worth pointing out that the targets it’s aiming at are sized to mimic hitting the center mass of what looks to be an adult male (the target is wide and round at about 5.5 feet high). Is that just because those are the targets that were on the range? or are they perfecting the targeting system?

Either way, this was always the inevitable outcome of this type of technology. If things continue the way they are going, it is only a matter of time until these things replace law enforcement officers as the tyrannical enforcers of the New World Order.

After all, the previous version is already patrolling the ancient streets of Pompeii, as well as New York, Hawaii, and other places. Surely, an update to the new version is in the works soon.

Boston Dynamics, maker of its own robotic dogs, has said it won’t them to people who intend to weaponize the bots – however, agencies like the NYPD have already used them to patrol apartment buildings, drawing criticism from civil liberties advocates.

However, other companies are pursuing robotic dogs with violent capabilities.

Watch it here: Mashable/Youtube

Source: TheGatewayPundit

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