New “Breathe Act” Accused Of Being Anti-Police

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On Tuesday, New Mexico State Senator Mark Moores blasted the “Breathe Act” as an “egregious, radical proposal” to change law enforcement.

“It really tells you what the socialist agenda is moving forward,” Moore told Newsmax TV. “Universal payments for everyone in the country, universal health care. But really where the egregious, radical proposals have to deal with law enforcement reform, calls for the elimination of the DEA, elimination of ICE, elimination of border patrol, getting rid of the penalty for illegally entering the country, and. . . calls for closing all federal prisons within 10 years.”

Newsmax reports:

Part of what the Breathe Act calls for on their website is to “divest federal resources from incarceration and policing,” or as it’s commonly known, defund the police. More vaguely, it states it will “enhance the self-determination of all Black communities.” But upon closer inspection, a document from the organization reveals that “self-determination of Black communities” to mean “dissolving police departments that have shown a pattern of misconduct; eliminating State statutes that protect officers from misconduct allegations and disciplinary proceedings, and abolishing State Law Enforcement Officer Bills of Rights.”

Moores continued to question if his opponent and the “radical” agenda she supports are even an accurate representation for the district she was running in. “Our opponent is just such a radical, that doesn’t fit into what this district really is. It has been a Democrat district for about the last decade, but it certainly has not been a socialist district.”

“Because U.S. House of Representatives [Speaker] Nancy [Pelosi] is holding on to a very narrow margin out there in D.C. And she is spending millions on this race,” Moores added. “She’s spending millions trying to keep control of this race. She actually had the New York Times say this was ‘her priority race for this year.’ So it really shows a lot of how much Nancy and the progressives are trying to keep power in D.C.”

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