Pelosi Scrambling As She May Finally Be Investigated

Government Corruption

ICYMI|  Nancy Pelosi called for an investigation into Marjorie Taylor Greene for her verbal assault on AOC. Today, Greene is calling for an investigation into why Pelosi refused help from the National Guard before the January 6th incident.

That seems to be more appropriate than investigating someone who hurts someone’s feelings like Dr. Seuss and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

President Trump offered Pelosi 10,000 National Guard troops to Pelosi who declined the offer, yet they blame Trump for the violence.

But, if you are inciting violence why would you offer 10,000 troops to ensure there is no violence. And why did Pelosi turn down the offer if she was convinced that Trump was going to have his followers commit violence?

Greene had confronted AOC in the hallway over her refusal to debate the New Green Deal and her support for Islamic terrorists abroad and domestic terrorists Antifa and BLM right here at home.

Pelosi claims it frightened AOC but then again this is a woman who says she was afraid for her life from rioters who were never in the same building that she was in.

How about the fear AOC has spread using fake global warming “facts’ in order to make people believe that the world is ending tomorrow if we don’t immediately spend 93 trillion dollars?

Or any number of other liberal fear-mongering causes. People weren’t afraid of global warming, they were scared to death that government would spend 93 trillion dollars on her nonsense.

Rep Greene is in a unique position since she was booted off of every committee. She can now spend much more time debating asinine liberal issues.

Couple that with the fact she refuses to be cowed by the cancel culture and she is very dangerous for the socialist Democrats. They really can’t do much to her so she can attack at will. And at Pelosi and AOC too.

From The Gateway Pundit

Confronting a fellow member on their positions is now abusive according to Pelosi.

Democrats fear Rep. Greene because she is not your typical Republican who folds when the wind changes direction.

On Friday morning Taylor-Greene responded to Speaker Pelosi by calling for an investigation on leaving the US Capitol defenseless when President Trump requested National Guard to protect the US Capitol on January 6.

Pelosi left the Capitol defenseless.
After she was warned.

18 thoughts on “Pelosi Scrambling As She May Finally Be Investigated

  1. The investigation should go back to 2008 when she refused to sign the letter that goes to all states Certifying Barack Obama  Constitutional Eligibile to serve as President of the United States. That clause had to be removed before she would sign it except for Hawaii! If you can get your state to find it, you’ll have your proof. I did it. Pelosi needs to answer for that in view that we were never provided with a certified copy of a U.S. Birth Certificate. Only a computer generated one experts say made up of several Hawaii BC copied & altered was provided. Nancy covering? 

    1. YES, let’s see a copy of that 2008 letter.  Let’s face it, the bartender from Brooklyn and commue pelosi could be “blood sisters” – – they are both known prevaractors, or in plain language (not pc), straight up LIARS!

        1. How ever you spell it Every Democrat / Communist is a TRAITOR to the United States. These Bastards Have sold this country out to China. That is why we are 30 TRILLION in DEBT. Where in the HELL did all that money go? Congress has been selling out We THE PEOPLE for DECADES! There are HUNDREDS in D.C. who should be Charged with TREASON and are TRAITORS to America. YET not one damn person has been jailed for any of their crimes. IF, the RePUSSYCANS manage to get back in powerthey DAMN well better start filing charges and going door to door with the fbi in full RIOT GEAR and GUNS a BLAZING with TV CREWAS there and put these TRAITORS In PRISON.

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