MSNBC’s Joy Reid Clearly Has No Idea What It Means To Be Patriotic

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AM Joy’s Joy Reid decided it’d be a good idea to start her program speaking of President Donald Trump saying that his actions “compels” Americans to confront what it means to be a patriot. You’re kidding yourself there, Joy. We know exactly what it means.

“So this holiday, the Trump presidency compels us to confront some very serious questions about the substance, and not just the symbolism, of what it means to be a patriot,” Reid stated.

She continued, “How do we commemorate our independence from a foreign power when our president cries fake news in response to facts that a foreign power has undermined our democracy? How do we bask in the glow of fireworks illuminating the Statue of Liberty when our president rejects her welcome to the huddled masses yearning to breathe free?”

“How do we honor the founding fathers’ self-evident truths about Americans’ right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness when the Congress is controlled mostly by men who are pulling out all the stops to force through a policy that would put the lives of 22 million fellow Americans in jeopardy by taking away their health care?”


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