MSM Brags About Woman Breaking Jeopardy Records, But She’s A Guy…

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The MSM is trying to promote the Left’s insane 58 gender identity trend. They don’t care that men are now dominating female sports and assaulting women in their own bathrooms. So when a confused man won 21 times in a row, they were quick to trounce on actual female accomplishments and claimed the gender bender was Jeopardy’s “longest winning female.”

Last week, the transgender trivia whiz passed Julia Collins’ 2014 streak of 20 consecutive wins, the most by a female player, prompting media outlets to crown Ms. Schneider “the show’s winningest woman,” as The Washington Post put it.

“On Wednesday, Ms. Schneider, 42, an engineering manager from Oakland, Calif., became the first woman in the show’s history to achieve 21 consecutive wins,” said the New York Times.

Yahoo! Entertainment credited Ms. Schneider with “the longest winning streak by any female player.”

Days earlier, NBC News declared her the show’s “top female earner” after she passed Larissa Kelly’s total all-time winnings of $655,930 with her Dec. 24 victory. Ms. Schneider also has exceeded Ms. Collins’ regular-season earnings mark, according to the show’s website.

“Amy Schneider continues streak as highest-earning and longest-winning woman in ‘Jeopardy!’ history,” tweeted “CBS Sunday Morning.”

What rankles critics is not the idea that Ms. Schneider has an unfair biological advantage — a complaint often leveled against transgender athletes in women’s sports — but that she has usurped an honor intended for a female-born contestant.

As conservative pundit Ben Shapiro quipped on Twitter, “Many of the most accomplished women are now men.”

Not the Bee, the satirical Babylon Bee’s news site, said in a Wednesday post that “it is now an undeniable fact that, if a woman wants to claim the title of the highest-earning female competitor on this game show, she’s … going to have to beat a man for the title.”

“You kinda gotta laugh about that, at least before you cry about it,” said Not the Bee.”

They should give Schneider his own category. It’s messed up that confused men are allowed to compete against women and steal their titles. Schneider deserves praise for winning 21 times in a row, that’s a hell of a feat, but breaking female records just didn’t happen. And if you were to compare Schneider to the highest-ranking male, 20 games is barely noteworthy. The current record is 74 wins in a row.


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