Members Of The Press Left Stunned After Biden’s Latest Appearance

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It certainly seems as though the best way for the Democrats to keep Joe Biden from saying something damaging to their cause is by not letting him speak.

The man is a walking gaffe machine, first and foremost, and has been for quite some time. The career politician has been blathering gibberish for the majority of his career; so much so that it appears to be the first characteristic that Saturday Night Live looks to exploit any time one of their cast members attempts to impersonate him.

But in this new world of instant replays, Twitter’s real-time discussion, and a predatory media landscape, the left has decided that the best way to avoid controversy is to ignore it.

President Joe Biden turned his back on the press for the second time in a week Wednesday following a bevy of bad news about the economy.

Addressing the shaky status of the U.S. supply chain, Biden announced that the Port of Los Angeles will begin to operate 24/7 in order to handle more goods amid growing backlogs. Then he exited the stage.

Last Friday, after his remarks on a disappointing September jobs report, the president didn’t take any questions either.

More unique still is Biden’s willingness to admit that he’s being coached to stay mum.

On several occasions over the last several months, the President has alluded to “being in trouble” if he stays out in front of the press pool, which is certainly a strange concept for the leader of the free world.

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