Maddow Thinks Troop Deployment A Coverup

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You would have thought she learned her lesson with the Trump Tax Return failure but nope… she just doesn’t know when to stop!

Rachel Maddow is going on the record saying that the decision to send additional troops to Afghanistan is meant to distract the media and the American people from the Michael Flynn / Russia hearing. Yup, you read that correctly. She thinks we’re endangering our soldiers lives to cover that crap up…

Maddow argues that the Trump admin. “floated this news” so we would stop paying attention to the Senate hearings.

“[This] has the practical effect of shoving the headlines on this hearing today down toward the bottom of the page,” she opined.

“That is as cynical as I have felt about anything else in politics in many years,” she continued. “It has been 108 days of this presidency so far. That’s it. And already we are at this level of cover up and scandal.”


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