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Leaky Comey’s Double Talking Interview With Bret Baier Exposes The Truth!

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It Looks Like James Comey Can’t Keep His Story Straight

During his interview with Bret Baier, former FBI director James Comey shows his hand. Baier’s calm but direct line of questioning trapped Comey into admitting that he would still work for Trump had he not been fired.

That’s right, the same President that Comey refers to as a ‘mob boss’ and ‘unfit for office’ is apparently within Comey’s ‘strong moral standards’ to continue to work for. Those same ‘standards’ that seem to change with every new situation.
That’s not all Baier was able to drag out of the former FBI director. Take a look.


Bret Baier sums up his take away from his interview with James Comey in the video below. His points are worth listening to.

According to USA Today, His book, in which Comey compares Trump to the Mafia bosses he once prosecuted, not only represents a new crisis for the White House but also raises questions about the former director’s credibility as a critical witness against the president.

“The book amounts to a new 300-page witness statement, and if it differs at all from what he provided the special counsel, you can be sure that there will be a challenge if this case moves to an impeachment or a trial,” said Jack Sharman, a former special counsel in the Whitewater investigation involving President Clinton. “This will be, at least, a pain (for Mueller) to deal with.”

Former FBI director James Comey told USA TODAY the president lacks the “external moral framework” required of his position. He also says he was struck by the president’s apparent unwillingness to criticize Vladimir Putin, even in private.

Which, of course, isn’t true. Unless Comey isn’t counting that Trump threw Russian diplomats out of the United States, accused Putin of violating sanctions, and dared the Russian President to get involved in the strike on Syria.

I mean, you can’t have it both ways. You cannot lose your mind when Trump threatens Putin and claims that he will start the ‘next world war’ while alluding to a tight relationship between the two Presidents. Get real.

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