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Leaked Proof Hillary Clinton Betrayed America

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Even though former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy is out of Congress he still spends his time picking apart the Deep State piece by piece.

Recently Gowdy has leaked some very strong evidence that points to the fact that Hillary Clinton knowingly betrayed America by pushing fake news in an effort to beat President Trump in the 2016 election.

While doing an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, Gowdy claims that he saw an FBI spreadsheet that detailed the specific claims in the Steele dossier and they relied heavily on information coming from Sidney Blumenthal.

According to DC,

Gowdy said when he was still in Congress, he saw an FBI spreadsheet that detailed all of the specific claims in the dossier.
This information is highly classified, so Gowdy took a big risk to reveal some of its contents on live television.

“I’ve seen the spreadsheet, Martha, I have seen each factual assertion listed in that dossier, and then I’ve seen the FBI’s justification. And when you’re citing newspaper articles as corroboration for a factual assertion that you have made, you don’t need an FBI agent to go do a Google search,” said Gowdy, who served on the House Intelligence Committee.

“When the name Sidney Blumenthal is included as part of your corroboration, and when you’re the world’s leading law enforcement agency, you have a problem,” he added.

How is this all connected to Hillary? In 2015 Steele was hired by Fusion GPS to compile the dossier. After that Clinton and the DNC paid Fusion GPS the hefty sum of $9 million to fund the anti-Trump operation ran by Steele.

FBI then used the Clinton/DNC funded Steele dossier to launch an investigation against Trump. That led to Robert Mueller being assigned as the special counsel and a two-year-long witch hunt into President Trump.

So Hillary Clinton funded the “evidence” that was used by Comey’s FBI to trigger the entire Russia investigation against Trump.

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