Kindergarten Teacher Keeps Children Calm During Cartel Firefight

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Seen here is a kindergarten teacher in Reynosa, MX doing everything she can to keep her students calm as a bunch of cartel thugs have a shoot out with police officers in this border city.

At least six people were killed during the shootout throughout Reynosa as the cartels continue to fight for control of the city. Primarily, there are two rival cartel’s fighting for control of Reynosa, and this has led to at least 42 murders, including a police officer and 1 bystander.

“There’s a situation of risk so we all have to get down,” the unidentified teacher can be heard in the video trying to calm down the students in Spanish. “Everyone remain calm, nothing bad is going to happen. I am here with you all … Keep your little heads covered.”

The teacher continues to calm her students while singing children’s songs. Violent cartel clashes continued throughout the city as rival cartel gunmen fought each other while authorities tried to arrest them.


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