Kamala Harris Is Threatening To Go After Our Healthcare

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While the joke of an impeachment continues, The Democratic presidential candidates are scurrying to campaign and let everyone know where they stand on the issues we face.

One issue on which Kamala Harris had recently address is way more of a quid pro quo than whatever the Democrats are accusing Trump of. Harris has threatened to outright steal patents from pharmaceutical companies if they refuse to lower their prices to her set drug prices.

Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire tweeted the video of Harris along with the caption,

Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris on if drug companies do not comply with her mandatory set drug prices: “I will snatch their patent so that we will take over”

Audience asks: “can we do that?”

“Yes, we can do that! Yes, we can do that! … I have the will to do it”

Here is the transcript of her remarks:

My plan, as a candidate for president, on these drug prices is as follows: We are going to set drug prices (…) at fair market. Essentially what we’re going to do is set a price for drugs that’s the average price being charged around the globe. And there’s a huge difference, insulin being an example.

The other thing is this: if people don’t want to cooperate with that, I’m also going to do the next thing, which is this: A lot of drugs, prescription medicate, was born out of the federal funding for the research and development of that drug. Your taxpayer dollars.

This is not the first time Harris has threatened to strike against the health care industry. She and many other Democratic candidates are on the same page when it comes to wanting to eliminate private insurance companies and making it strictly a government ran business which is way overstepping their role and duty.



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