John Mulaney ‘SNL’ Skit: ‘Did Any Of Us Ever Need The Mask?’

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Looks like the left is starting to catch on to the sham they’ve been fed over the last two years. The CDC has already proven that they knew the masks weren’t effective early on in the pandemic. They now have released data that proved what we all knew to be true—The vaccines do not prevent the spread of COVID-19. And wouldn’t you know it, just before the midterm elections, lawmakers lift mask mandates?

The folks acted out a skit called the ‘Covid Dinner Discussion’ that addresses how some Americans feel about all these new developments and it was hilariously accurate.

It all opens with six friends, including Mulaney, dining in a restaurant and commenting on how nice it is to be out and about again. Then one of the diners brings up COVID-19 and things quickly turn tense.

After being reprimanded by her partner for bringing up a Bloomberg article questioning the efficacy of masks, the conversation plunges forward amid images of darkness and destruction for anyone daring to question the agreed-upon narrative. “It was just saying how mask mandates had, I don’t know, little to no effect on COVID …” comedian Heidi Gardner says in the skit.

“I am sorry! It’s not like I’m anti-mask or anything,” she continues with a laugh after each person at the table reacts dramatically by breaking a glass, making a face, or just hiding behind a cloth. “I just sometimes wonder if any of the things we did actually helped.”

“The science changed!” Aidy Bryant said later in the conversation as a way of defending the ever-changing stance of the CDC.

“How does science … change?” Kenan Thompson wonders. “When I make a mistake at work I don’t get to say the science changed.”

“Look, I went to a child’s birthday party, self-careful,” Kate McKinnon recalls, “and they did gymnastics in masks … (don’t) and then they went into another room and took off their masks to eat pizza — this is the end of me — so did they really need the mask or no? DID ANY OF US EVER NEED THE MASK?”

This utterance is met with the lights going out and people screaming. Because who could be so wrong about something so important for so long?


Exactly one year after he said the lifting of mask mandates in Republican-led states amounted to “Neanderthal thinking,” 


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