Joe Rogan: She ‘Took Big Dumps On Jim Acosta’s Head’

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Joe Rogan recognized that the job of a Press Assistant is extremely difficult yet noted that some individuals are just better at it than others. Throughout his podcast, Rogan pounded the outgoing Press Sec Jen Psaki for constantly being not really prepared. He also commemorated the most effective Press Assistant the White Home has had in years, Kayleigh McEnany that represented Trump’s White Home.

Rogan sat down with comedian Tony Hinchcliffe for Thursday’s episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” as well as the conversation turned to President Biden and also the fact that, especially just recently, he appears to have an increasing number of trouble placing sentences with each other.

“I feel bad for that Jen Psaki lady. Everyone claims she’s piercing in the way she interacts yet whatever. Picture having that work!” Rogan said, adding, “F *** that job, ’cause she has to discuss with people greater than the president does. She has to go back and forth with journalism.”

“And occasionally she states things in confidence but, similar to being on a f *** ing podcast, in some cases you state points and also you think it holds true while you’re saying it. Ends up it’s not and you stand for the President of the USA and also no one is fact-checking you in real-time it’s all happening survive tv,” he proceeded.

“Yikes. F *** that work!” Rogan stated. “The only one that was good at it was the woman– last woman with Trump. What’s her name? Kiley …?”

Rogan battled to articulate her name, and Hinchcliffe jumped in: “Oh, yeah, she was fantastic. Kayleigh.”

“Kayleigh McEnany! She’s the most effective,” Rogan claimed. “She’s the GOAT at that s ***. ‘Cause she would certainly have f *** ing receipts, she had, like, tabs on her note pad, she would certainly draw right to– like when she understood they were coming with a gotcha.”

“‘Really, if you would have done your study prior to asking that question, you would understand …'” Hinchcliffe chuckled.

“She took large Jim Acosta’s head,” Rogan included. “It’s all this gotcha s ***.”

“The press wants to obtain her and also make her look dumb and also she wishes to show them that she’s the woman employer as well as ‘I have all the facts,'” Rogan argued, noting that after months of repeating that she would “circle back” on specific problems, she seemed to have actually stopped doing that.

“That was her thing, return. She doesn’t say that anymore, create individuals started making fun of …


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