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Joe Biden’s Latest Townhall In Florida Appears To Have Been Staged

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NBC hosted a town hall featuring Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and it was not well received.

The televised event aired on both NBC and MSNBC and took place outdoors in the swing state of Florida. Moderator Lestor Holt informed viewers that all of the attendees were “undecided voters.”

Holt began a line of questioning by asking Biden to react to the president’s release from Walter Reed Medical Center and questioned if he was “surprised” by Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis; if he thought the president’s medical team were completely open with information on his condition; if he had “a moment of pause, of worry” when he first learned about the diagnosis following the debate where he and the president shared a stage; if he would “pledge to transparency” if elected president regarding his own possible health issues; and if he believes Trump “bears responsibility” for putting himself at risk and contracting the coronavirus.

The “undecided voters” were then allowed to speak to the former vice president one-on-one.

Out of about eleven voters able to ask questions, one was labeled as “leaning” toward Biden, one was a “registered Republican” that was also “leaning” toward Biden, one was described as a former registered Republican who “voted for Hillary Clinton”, and one too voted for Clinton in 2016 but had voted for Republicans “in the past.”

There were no attendees that were described as Trump voters or “leaning” toward voting for the incumbent president.

All of their questions were steered toward Biden’s plans as president rather than tough questions that challenged the candidate on his decades-long political career.

Critics noticed the exchange between Biden and voters was less than stimulating and appeared to be staged.

Politico reporter Marc Caputo commented, “NBC’s town hall with Joe Biden & ‘undecided voters’ in Miami didn’t seem to have undecided voters. Nor was it much of a Miami town hall, which would have way more yelling & pointed questions. It was a TV show that doubled as a Biden infomercial. Can’t blame him for doing it.”

“The townhall questions for Biden are pretty underwhelming thus far,” wrote a political correspondent for McClatchy David Catanese in a tweet.

“I just watched that entire, hour-long NBC News townhall with Joe Biden. No questions about whether he will pack the court, nuke the filibuster, or add DC and Puerto Rico as states,” Daily Caller’s Greg Price said and letter pointed out, “There were also no questions about China.”

Even Biden’s own supporters called him out for the obviously scripted town hall.

Democratic activist Chris Jackson was not pleased, “The media never learns. NBC just spent the first 12 mins of @JoeBiden’s town hall talking about Trump. Damn.”

CNN was similarly criticized just last month for playing “softball” with Biden at a town hall days after President Trump faced a barrage of tough questions at an ABC News-hosted event.

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