Joe Biden Makes A Huge Statement About A Trump Investigation

United States politics have been investigated in every way possible over the last four years. If it happened under the Trump administration you can bet someone investigated it. Even those investigators got investigated.

So, with Biden's presidency imminent, one must wonder if he will let curiosity get the better of him and take a hard look into Trump's time in the White House.

Apparently, Joe has chosen to take the high road and focus on more important matters.

According to NBC News:

President-elect Joe Biden has privately told advisers that he doesn’t want his presidency to be consumed by investigations of his predecessor, according to five people familiar with the discussions, despite pressure from some Democrats who want inquiries into President Donald Trump, his policies and members of his administration.

Biden has raised concerns that investigations would further divide a country he is trying to unite and risk making every day of his presidency about Trump, said the sources, who spoke on background to offer details of private conversations.

They said he has specifically told advisers that he is wary of federal tax investigations of Trump or of challenging any orders Trump may issue granting immunity to members of his staff before he leaves office. One adviser said Biden has made it clear that he “just wants to move on.”

This is good news for Trump as he is already under yet another investigation by the Southern District of New York - a legal entity outside of the jurisdiction of the presidential pardon.

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