Joe Biden Just Doesn’t Understand The Purpose Of His Face Mask

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is a walking public health hazard and should be monitored at all times.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak the Democrats, including Biden himself, have constantly complained about how unsafe the President is being by not wearing a mask during certain times, like standing on the balcony of the White House. But they fail to acknowledge that Joe Biden is constantly forgetting health protocols that he claims Trump does not follow.

For example, just last week during a campaign stop in Nevada, the former vice president was giving a speech while wearing a face mask, as he should have been. However, mid-speech he stops and pulls down the mask enough to uncover his mouth and coughs into his hand then moves the mask back into place.

Does Biden not realize how many germs he spread by doing that? He completely defeats the purpose of wearing a mask in the first place. The germs are now in the air, on his hand, and on the podium that he touches directly after coughing. Then who knows if he shook some hands or touched some hair because we all know how Jow Biden is.

At another stop in Pennsylvania last week, Biden opted not to wear a mask the entire time he was speaking to the crowd.

When he is done talking, he seems confused about which way to exit, so he leaves the podium and approaches someone and touches his arm while talking to him. Then commen sence kicks in and he stops and says, “Oh, by the way. I forgot” and runs back to the podium seeming to remember he is supposed to be wearing a mask.

But that is not the case. He grabs his hat and leaves without social distancing.

Oh, Joe. Even other Democrats are embarrassed by his behavior.

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