Joe Biden Has A Huge Problem And He Can’t Ignore It Forever

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With just eleven days left until Election Day, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s biggest problem is his own son Hunter Biden. Because the former vice president has avoided answering any questions on the topic, that problem could soon become America’s.

That is the reality of things now that one of Hunter Biden’s former business partners has come forward and provided the dirty details of the Biden “family brand.”

An institutional investor and U.S. Navy veteran, Tony Bobulinski, has provided documents containing emails and text messages from his time as CEO of Sinohawk Holdings. a venture between the Bidens and CEFC China Energy. The chain of messages corroborates with the recent bombshell story published by the New York Post about a laptop that was left abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden.

Bobulinski went public with this information because he wanted to clear his name, which was included in those messages, and because of accusations that the information is inauthentic or “Russian disinformation.” He claims that all the correspondence he handed over is genuine, including documents that seem to suggest Hunter Biden was using the family name to his advantage and his father was involved.

Mr. Bobulinski also believed that the Bidens sold out their U.S. partners because of a report from Senator Ron Johnson that “connected some dots” on the CEFC deal.

The text messages provided by Bobulinski show that James Gilliar recruited him for the project. Mr. Gilliar explains in a text from 2015 that there will be a deal between “one of the most prominent families from the U.S.” and the Chinese. The next month he introduced Rob Walker, also “a partner of Biden.” In March 2016, Gilliar tells Bobulinski the Chinese entity is CEFC, which is turning out to be “the Goldmans of china.” That same month Gilliar promised to “develop” the terms of a deal “with hunter.”

All of this took place with Joe Biden was still vice president under the Obama administration.

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