Jerry Nadler Is Being Put On The Spot To Admit That "Left-Wing Violent Extremism" Is Not A Myth

Remember when Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler called the violence and rioting in Portland a myth? Well, now the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee is demanding that he assemble a hearing on "left-wing violent extremism" to admit that it's not a myth as he claimed.

Rep. Jim Jordan blasted Nadler for saying that Antifa violence amid civil unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd back in May.

Jordan wrote a letter to Nadler saying, "We urge you not to waste any more time. The jurisdiction of the Judiciary Committee provides you with a unique authority to condemn the violence and disorder in Democrat-run cities."

The letter states how Nadler "minimized the violence in Democrat-run cities, calling the radical leftist group Antifa an 'imaginary thing' and Antifa violence a 'myth that's only being spread in Washington, D.C.'"

Examples of recent incidents carried out by left-wing activists are cited in the letter as well as violent crimes perpetrated by Antifa and BLM extremists which have dramatically increased in major cities over the last several months.

Jordan writes, “In our nation’s capital, left-wing agitators staged a mock execution of the President and then harassed and threatened people leaving the White House,” referring to protests against President Trump’s RNC speech.

The letter continues, “Democrats only recently pivoted to take a tougher stance on the violence and looting, after polling showed — unsurprisingly — that the American people disapprove of violence in American cities.”

The letter is signed by Jordan and three other Republican colleagues.

It's unlikely that Nadler will accept Jordan's advice because that would mean admitting that he and all the Democrats are liars who have been turning a blind eye to the violence thus allowing it to continue on for over 100 consecutive days now.

Thankfully, President Trump ordered a review to pull federal funds from "lawless" cities that allow violent protests or have defunded the police.

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