Jerry Nadler Can’t Make It Through AG Barr Hearing Without Making This Embarrassing Mistake

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The House Judiciary Committee interviewed Attorney General Wiliam Barr on Tuesday. One major point of discussion was sending federal agents into Portland to protect the federal courthouse.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, chairman of the committee, kicked off the hearing by insulting AG Barr and frequently interrupted him throughout the hearing, as did many of his Democratic colleagues.

Nadler also complained about a video played during Rep. Jim Jordan’s opening statement which showed massive riots and destruction. Nadler’s complaint was that the video was too long.

The following day on “Fox & Friends”, Rep. Jim Jordan, top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said that Democrats actually cut off the video he showed during his opening statement.

Jordan said to host Steve Doocy, “They wouldn’t let us complete our video, they wouldn’t let him answer questions….”

Doocy asked, “They pulled the plug on the video?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t all the way through,” Jordan responded. “We had more to show. They wouldn’t let him answer the questions. And there was a point where they weren’t even going to let him take a restroom break.”

It was blatantly clear that Rep. Nadler had no interest in hearing anything that Barr had to say. The whole thing was just a setup by himself and the Democrats to publically shame and insult Barr.

All the Democrats did during their 5-minute window to speak would rant and rave then maybe ask a question only to interrupt Barr when he would attempt to answer their questions.

When Rep. Nadler wasn’t busy wasting time running his mouth, he was caught several times falling asleep.

One Twitter user spotted Nadler snoozing and posted the clip.

This isn’t the first time Rep. Nadler has been caught catching some z’s. During the impeachment trial, he was able to squeeze in a micro nap.

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