Intolerant Liberal A-HOLE Badgers Trump Supporter

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People always wonder how things are getting so bad, but there is proof that it is an ongoing problem. We now have political activists that haven’t even made it out of High School, like David Hogg.

Usually, you’d see this level of intolerance more often with misguided college youth, but the Liberals have moved on, they are trying to indoctrinate the youth of our nation when they are much younger.

We should have been combatting this before. There were plenty of warning signs that Liberals were not teaching tolerance, but instead creating hypocritical bullies.

Liberals are proponents of narrow-mindedness as you can see in the case of a pro-Trump hat. The hat in question was a MAGA hat. A Make America Great Again Hat. Just the fact that college students would be upset with the notion of a pro-America hat is a sign of how far our country has fallen. Where is the free speech? Where is the patriotism?

“You’re not allowed to share hate language in a university”

“Make America Great Again means make America all for white people,” the woman went on. “No immigrants no people of different sexual orientation no people…”

“Just because he’s married to an immigrant doesn’t mean the policies and what he stands for is promoting people of different colors being in our university.”

“It’s illegal immigrants,” A Trump supporter corrected her as he continued to record the ridiculous argument.

Watch The Video Below.

In the video, the student tries to defend himself as he has pride in his country. But Liberals can’t see anything but what their Biased teachers have told them. The pro-Trump argument actually leaves her at a loss for words, as the Trump supporter was easily combatting her viewpoint.

It almost looked like he talked some sense into her.

But the liberal student remembered her training and knows the best route is to just repeat her belief like an illogical mantra. Another student then steals the hat and ends the conflict as far as the girl is concerned.

This is the kind of thing that was happening on college campuses back in 2016 when Trump was still campaigning.

Liberals have been polarizing America and teaching children intolerance for a while now.

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