Internet Users Find Proof That The First Lady Has Been Replaced With A Body Double

It doesn’t take much to get the internet conspiracy theorists riled up these days so when a juicy new story of a possible body double develops they just can't help but jump in and direct every little piece of evidence.

Remember when people thought that Kim Jong-un died during surgery and was replaced with a bad replica? I'm still not too sure about that one. There have also been many celebrities who have been accused of being replaced whether it be for tragic reasons or some super-secret government coverup.

Now, new rumors are swirling around the First Lady Melania Trump using a body double for public appearances.

From Yahoo:

A picture of the US First Lady has sparked the resurgence of a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump uses a body double to stand in for his wife.

The hashtag #FakeMelania started trending on Twitter at the weekend after a picture emerged of Melania Trump boarding Marine One on the south lawn of the White House en route to the presidential debate in Nashville.

In the picture, the First Lady is wearing sunglasses but internet observers pointed out that her smile and teeth looked somewhat different from her usual appearance.

Twitter users are convinced without a doubt…

This isn’t the first time that social media users pointed out that a phony FLOTUS double was being used:

As it is there appears to be no real evidence that Melania Trump is actually using a stand-in, making this yet another hollow conspiracy theory in this crazy year.

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