If Passed New Bill Will Allow Doctors To Give Children COVID Vaccine Without Parental Consent

Pfizer is preparing to file paperwork with the FDA to support providing the coronavirus vaccine for small children. Meanwhile, late last year the Washington DC Council voted to allow children to obtain vaccinations without parental approval.

The measure that passed 12 to 1 would also prohibit a parent from being told about the vaccination.

From WUSA 9 a local CBS affiliate:

The bill would give kids as young as 11 years old the green light to get a vaccination without parental consent if a doctor recommends it. The doctor would also determine if the child meets a certain standard of “informed consent” before administering the vaccine.

To prevent the parents from knowing, health providers would be required to bill insurers directly and send vaccination records to the school.

Former FDA Commissioner and member of Pfizer’s board, Scott Gottlieb announced that Pfizer will have completed their study on giving the vaccine to small children and could file paperwork with the FDA sometime in October.

However, Gottlieb stated that he feels any federal government vaccine mandate is overreach.

New Jersey, New York, and Minnestoa all have either passed legislation or have bills moving through the legislator that would allow minors as young as 12 to consent to COVID shots without their parents knowledge.

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