Hillary Takes To Begging For Change On Twitter

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Oh, how the Dem favorite has fallen. It looks like after failing to become president twice Hillary Clinton’s foundation is struggling to stay afloat. Even Dems don’t like to back the wrong horse. So in order to try to keep her foundation alive, Hillary has been hitting Twitter with her hand out asking for donations.

The Clinton Foundation appears in dire need of funds, as donations dried up following Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Donald Trump in 2016. As The Daily Wire’s Ben Zeisloft reported:

“According to the group’s most recent financial report, contributions fell from $29.6 million in 2019 to $16.3 million in 2020 — a 45% decline amid COVID-19 and the lockdown-induced recession. In 2016, when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ran for President, the group raised $62.9 million, indicating an overall 74% donation decline in a four-year period.”

The foundation’s 2020 haul represents a 93% drop in overall donations to the Clinton Foundation from its high of $249 million in 2009, when President Barack Obama named Hillary Clinton as secretary of State.

“If you’re able to give, I hope you’ll consider supporting the life-changing work of the @ClintonFdn,” tweeted the failed 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee. She retweeted a social media message from her eponymous foundation that read:

Thanks for being part of our community in 2021. Together, we’re working to:

  • Confront the climate crisis
  • Improve public health
  • Expand economic opportunity
  • Inspire citizen engagement & service

Join us and the Clinton family will triple your impact

It’s amazing that anyone would donate money to her foundation in the first place. The Clintons are known for rape, cheating, and failure. Hillary is also a poor loser. When she failed to win the presidential election in 2016, she whined about it for years. She claimed that Trump stole the election from her when she rigged the primary and stole her spot from Bernie Sanders back in 2016. America lucked out that Dems hadn’t figured out how to rig presidential elections at the time.


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