He Had Already Spent Well Over $100K On His Electric Car, When He Saw The Battery Bill He….

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A fed-up Tesla owner has gone viral after he took to TikTok to vent about what he’s going through. Mario Zelaya bought his Tesla nine years ago for $140k. Now he needs a new battery for it and was told it will cost $26,000.

Zelaya’s video comes just weeks after disgruntled Tesla owners in Norway went on a hunger strike. Some of their complaints include poor customer service, bubbles in the seats, and rust.

But his issues with Tesla go much deeper than that. For one thing, he thinks there needs to be a recall. He also thinks someone has locked his car remotely so he can’t get into it.

Now he is trying to sell his car on the Facebook marketplace for 19K under the condition that whoever buys it will be responsible for unlocking it and replacing the new battery.

You can watch the video here: TikTok/Video

Here’s what folks online are saying:

“You will never convince me that owning a Tesla that someone else can control is a good idea”

“a mint 2005 Honda civic would have still been running…. just saying”

“most environmentally destructive car. no one talks about the amount of mining and environmental degradation these EVs cause.”

“How alarming is it that anyone else has control over YOUR vehicle?”

“Isn’t it strange energy bills are going up and in the uk we are being told to save electricity , but they are pushing electric cars “

“Battery reliability and replacement cost kills any EV for me”

“Scream it from the rooftops. I’ve had nothing but issues with mine”

“I manage fleet for a large corporation. Words of advice….do not get any Tesla. Just no. Zip.”

“1979 Toyota Corolla STILL going strong. hahaha”

“My old Chevy is 24 years old still running great”

Can you blame him? After spending $140,000 he’s being asked to pay $26,000 to replace the battery. That’s completely insane.

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