He Attacked A Woman Alone In An Elevator, But Didn’t Know One Key Thing About Her…

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This creepy man will truly learn his lesson. Unfortunately for him, he learned it the painful way!

In the footage, an unidentified man can be seen standing in the lift with the woman and staring at her. After a while, he tries to step ahead and approach her. At one point, the man stands behind the lady and tries to grope her. She promptly turns back and shifts to the other end of the lift.

Yet again, the man sneaks to her side and puts his hand on her shoulder. This time the woman, without wasting a second, slaps the man hard and pushes him away. The brave woman kicks the man in his abdomen and faces repeatedly.

The video footage ends with the wounded man falling to the ground as the brave woman steps out of the lift.

Here’s what the video description on Rumble states:

“Even though it is very satisfying to watch and see the outcome of this video, we should keep in mind that not every case of assault ends in fairness or retribution. Sometimes things don’t work out and the molesters don’t learn their lesson. Let’s hope that the story of this elevator molester getting beaten up by a woman who slaps him in the face and kicks him in the crotch will serve as a painful lesson for all those offenders out there to beware!”

“Footage shows a woman standing in an elevator checking her phone, moments before the man in the elevator begins acting inappropriately by sneaking behind her back and sliding his hand onto her shoulder. At this point, the woman has had enough and is ready to teach him a lesson,” the description added.

Although the footage might not be brand new, it should serve as a reminder that people who are equipped with self-defense skills can help keep themselves safe from predators.

Watch the satisfying revenge here: DailyMail/Video

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