He Ate At A Waffle House For HOURS, When the Bill Came The Waitress Lost It….

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What do fantasy football and eating waffles have in common? Nothing really, but to one Waffle House server, it’s life-changing after a generous tip from a kind-hearted “loser.”

After losing a fantasy football bet, a man had to face the consequences of eating for 24 hours inside a waffle house restaurant. With his final team waving goodbye in the NFL, he had thought of a gimmick to make it more meaningful.

Michael Carsley, 32, was the loser of his friend group’s fantasy football league this season. His punishment was that he had to spend 24 hours in a Waffle House eating waffles. For each waffle devoured, Carsley knocked an hour off his stay time.

Is this a punishment or a dream come true? Carsley admitted he struggled as he live-streamed his Waffle House experience.

“Much bigger than I thought in my head. The first seven really took me down hard,” Carsley said. “I’m sure you guys have better stuff to do than watch me shove waffles in my mouth. But, thanks.”

Little to the Waffle House server’s knowledge, Carsley was hosting a fundraiser on the live stream to repay her. Seven waffles is a lot for one person, therefore a sizable tip was in order.

It took Michael Carsley five hours to eat 18 waffles. According to WSB-TV Atlanta, that totals 5,652 calories of waffles, not including the necessities like butter and syrup.

The final bill came out to $49, but with the donations from the event, he raised $1,040 for his server, who was thrilled with the generous tip.

“Oh, my God! Really? Oh, thank you very much! Oh my God!” the server exclaimed.

Carsley said that while it was horrible to eat all the waffles, the look on his server’s face made his day.

“All around, it was a spectacular thing. The punishment itself was torture, but the outcome of everything was well worth it,” Carsley said.

Mosammat Shumi, the waffle server, described Carsley’s generous act as “once in a lifetime,” as per Kiro 7. She was a regular weekend worker who spent 11 years in the Waffle House in Chamblee. Emotional, she continued that she was still “shocked” after talking to his family and other people.

It’s not a Waffle House. It’s a Waffle Home.

Watch the video report below for more details:

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