Hacktivist Group ‘Antonymous’ Begins ‘Operation Bully Putin’ LOL

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The “YourAnonNews” Twitter account, which flaunts 6.5 million fans, made the affirmation on Thursday, saying that the hacking group is “currently involved in operations versus the Russian Federation”, the team introduced on their Twitter account:

“We want the Russian individuals to comprehend that we know it’s difficult for them to speak out versus their authoritarian for fear of reprisals,” the decentralized hacking collective said.

“We, as a cumulative desire only peace on the planet. We want a future for every one of humankind. So, while individuals around the world shatter your internet service providers to little bits, comprehend that it’s completely routed at the activities of the Russian government and Putin.”

“Place yourselves in the footwear of the Ukrainians being bombed right now. Together we can alter the globe, we can stand up against anything. It is time for the Russian individuals to stand with each other as well as state “NO” to Vladimir Putin’s battle. We are Anonymous. We are Myriad Expect us.”

Homeland Security Today reported that a message launched by Confidential Liberland and also the Pwn-Bär Hack Group introduced the begin of #OpCyberBullyPutin “to show you exactly how ready for cyberwar Russia and CIS nations actually are.”

“Our Russian suitable friends appear kinda out of shape, don’t they? Defacements? DDoS attacks? What year is this? 2012?” The group stated it hacked Belarusian defense manufacturer Tetraedr and also obtained more than 200 gigabytes of e-mails, and ultimately leaked the information.

Hackers have been typically using #OpRussia or #OpKremlin hashtags to introduce activities against Russian websites, similar to the #OpISIS project that targeted the fear team’s wave of online publicity as well as the #OpKKK campaign that targets white supremacists.

Cyberpunks relating to the Anonymous cumulative announced the launch of #OpRussia Thursday (Eastern time), stating that their cyber operations briefly removed some websites related to the Russian federal government. An Anonymous account on Twitter claimed that the group took down “the internet site of the #Russianpropaganda station RT News | http://rt.com!.?.! |in … Source

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