Greta Thunberg Is Back But This Time She Is The Target Of Angry Protesters

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Child climate activist prodigy Greta Thunberg is causing a stir in India after finding herself the main subject of a criminal investigation.

Protesters in India are burning photos of Thunberg at protests while declaring that India will “not tolerate interference in internal affairs.”

The activist distributed propaganda against the Indian government supporting small farmers that are in a legislative battle with the Indian government. 

The last straw was when Thunberg tweeted a document that included sample tweets people could share to draw attention to the farmer’s protests. After some negative attention, she quickly deleted the post and “updated” her comments without the document. 

However, Delhi police are investigating the group behind the document for “conspiracy,” after a politician said it contained “evidence of International plans for attacks against India.” 

From the Daily Mail: 

Kapil Mishra, a member of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), alleged that the document initially shared by Thunberg was evidence of international plans for ‘attacks’ against India.

Delhi police have launched a First Information Report in connection with the toolkit. 

“We haven’t named anybody in the FIR, it’s only against the creators of the toolkit which is a matter of investigation & Delhi Police will be investigating that case,” said special commissioner of Delhi police Praveer Ranjan.

“Preliminary inquiry has revealed that the toolkit in question appears to have been created by a pro-Khalistani Organization ‘Poetic Justice Foundation’, Ranjan said.

Musical artist Rhianna has also been denounced by protesters, however, she has did not go as far as Thunberg did and is not under criminal investigation. 

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