GRAPHIC VIDEO Shows Boy Brutally Beaten For Wearing MAGA Hat

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A 14-year-old boy has been hospitalized after being brutally beat by a group of kids while on his way home on the school bus. According to the boy’s parents, their son had worn a MAGA hat to school and that was the reason for the beating. What is the world coming to that a student gets bullied and beaten for supporting his own president?

The boys father had this to say in a tweet,“I am sitting in the hospital with my 14 year old kid because he was just jumped by 8 black kids on the school bus, I guess that’s what happens when a kid wears a #Trump hat to school. And who’s the violent ones again? Earlier today they poured milk all over his head.”

Then he shared the video of the merciless attack after getting permission from his attorney. I have to warn you, it’s hard to watch.

According to Daily Mail,

The boy’s mother explained on Twitter that she believed the attackers were motivated by a Trump 2020 campaign hat that her son had previously worn to school.

She said that the boy stopped wearing the hat due to harassment, but that the bullying continued.

‘To be clear, my son bought his Trump 2020 hat with his own money at the flea market a few weeks ago,’ the mother wrote.

‘He was proud to wear it. He wore it to School, but due to immediate bullying he put it away & didn’t wear it to school again, sadly the damage was already done & [he] was now a target,’ she said.

‘From that point on he was steadily getting messed with. He was getting hit, tripped & verbally abused on the bus, but it all came to a head yesterday on his bus ride home,’ she continued.

The worst part about this whole thing is that the boy was suspended from school, even though there is video evidence capturing the attack. The school claim the other students were disciplined but this is a perfect example of how public school systems are failing our children.



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