Former Miss Ukraine: ‘I Had A Typical Life Simply On Wednesday’ Postures With Airsoft Gun

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This was just odd yet I’m thinking it’s little greater than a misconception. The internet reported that Miss Grand Ukraine had actually picked up arms and also joined the fight. It wanted the beauty queen, Anastasiia Lenna, posed with what we currently know is an airsoft weapon on Instagram.

From there, imaginations cut loose but she says she wished to establish the document right, “I am not an army, just a female, just regular human,” she continued. “Just a person, like all individuals of my country. I am also a airsoft gamer for many years.” she wrote.

Model Anastasiia Lenna, who was born in Kyiv and just recently finished from an university in the city, has posted numerous messages as well as photos on behalf of her country as well as against Russia’s aggression over the past five days.

The New York City Article reportedthat Lenna has a reel on her Instagram revealing the beauty queen joining airsoft shooting, now appears “to have actually exchanged plastic pellets for lead bullets.”

News18 reportedMonday that though initial reports declared Lenna had “signed up with the armed forces to eliminate against the Russian invasion,” it currently “seems that she is holding an airsoft weapon.”

It’s also vague if Lenna is in fact dealing with. An extra current blog post from the beauty queen highlighted that she does not “do any type of publicity other than revealing that our lady of Ukraine– strong, confident and powerful.”

“I AM NOT An ARMED FORCE, SIMPLY A HUMAN BEING,” one more article stated. “Due existing scenario I want to talk!”

“I am not a military, simply a female, simply regular human,” she continued. “Just an individual, like all individuals of my nation. I am also a airsoft player for years. … All pictures in my profile to motivate people. I had a typical life just on Wednesday, like millions people.”

Her blog post continued, “On February 24 Russian federation action on our lands and also start to kill civil individuals, ladies, kids.”

Later on she included that [The] “Ukrainian individuals have no sense of guilt. [None] of us have any kind of regret. We are on our lands! I talk with all individuals of the World! Quit war in Ukraine! No individuals need to die! We can stop all this together.”

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