FBI Caught Hiding Records On Jeffrey Epstein That Will Blow The Whole Thing Wide Open….

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Well, for quite some time now, Americans no longer trust the FBI. The FBI is accused of being a puppet to the left and only uncovering information when it will benefits Democrats.

Now, on Saturday the Daily Wire just reported that a well-known Twitter sleuth who goes by the handle “Techno Fog” claims that the FBI has been exposed for concealing potentially explosive information regarding the deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his VIP contact list.

The late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was interviewed by the FBI at least once, according to Techno Fog, who also publishes a well-read Substack column.

After a Freedom of Information Act request was turned down, the user who also an anonymous self-described lawyer and writer, speculated that the bureau, which has recently — and credibly — been accused of being politicized, might be hiding something.

All documents pertaining to Epstein’s FBI interviews were sought by the FOIA.

“We asked the FBI for the Jeffery Epstein interview transcripts,” Techno Fog said in a tweet, adding “the FBI response: providing the Epstein records would interfere with law enforcement proceedings. Either the FBI is lying, or something is up.”

“The records responsive to your request are law enforcement records; there is a pending or prospective law enforcement proceeding relevant to these responsive records, and release of the information could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings,” was the official answer he said he received from the FBI.

The Daily Wire added the following:

Epstein, the enigmatic creep who kept a bevy of kids on his Caribbean island home and was known to mix with prominent figures such as former President Bill Clinton, died in 2019 while being detained at the Manhattan Correctional Center on sex trafficking charges. His death was deemed a suicide at the time by authorities.

By releasing earlier papers, the FBI admitted that Epstein had worked as an informant.

In a document that the FBI previously made available through its information “vault” in 2018 was a note that read, “Epstein has also provided information to the FBI as agreed upon.”

In the most recent Substack entry from Techno Fog, the sleuth claims that the FOIA request was filed because Epstein and the FBI may have worked together on several occasions. He also notes that the denial of the request is equivalent to the bureau admitting that it has other records. They were also questioned as to whether they were genuinely under protection due to an ongoing investigation by the sleuth.

“It’s more likely that the Epstein records might embarrass the FBI…the DOJ and FBI have been known to abuse the FOIA law enforcement exemption to hide investigative materials from public release. We’ve seen them do it. And they’re doing it again,” Techno Fog alleges.

Ghislaine Maxwell is currently serving a 20-year term after being found guilty of obtaining young girls for Epstein last year. However, it is notable that neither police forces nor anyone have publicly identified or filed any charges against anyone who is said to have had contact with any of the young girls on Epstein’s private plane or on his private island.

A building stands on Little St. James Island, owned by fund manager Jefferey Epstein, in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, on Wednesday, July 10, 2019. Photographer: Marco Bello/Bloomberg via Getty Images

“We’re exceedingly doubtful that the release of the Epstein records would ‘interfere with enforcement proceedings,’” Techno Fog wrote.

“Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted and Epstein is dead. The only potential tie might be from a grand jury investigation into ‘other possible co-conspirators of Jeffrey Epstein.’ But that was from the summer of 2020 and we rightly assume no charges were brought against whoever was being investigated.”

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